Electoral Commission of Queensland


ECQ is an independent and impartial organisation, established under the Electoral Act 1992 to administer the following types of electoral events:

State government elections

Queensland is transitioning to four year fixed-terms following the successful 2016 referendum. The next state election is due to be held in October 2020.  

Queensland is divided into 93 electorates. For more information see electoral boundaries.

Local government elections

Local council elections are held every four years on the last Saturday in March, unless changed by regulation.

There are 77 local council areas within Queensland. A divided council (ie. Ipswich City Council) is separated into divisions and voters elect a councillor to represent their division. In an undivided council (ie. Gladstone Regional Council) voters elect all of the councillors for their area.


By-elections may be held if a vacancy occurs during a term of office for a member of parliament, a mayor or a councillor.

Vacancies can occur for a number of reasons including death, resignation, absence without leave, expulsion or disqualification.


A referendum is necessary to change the Queensland's constitution. Electors are asked to vote in favour of ("yes") or against ("no") a particular question.

Industrial elections

Industrial elections are run in accordance with the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC).