Electoral Commission of Queensland

Enrolment Forms

This page provides a comprehensive list of enrolment forms which can be printed and returned via post, email or in person to the Australian Electoral Commission. Should you wish to enrol or update your enrolment details online please visit the enrolment page.

Downloadable enrolment forms
Enrolment formEnrol to vote in federal, state and local elections including by-elections and referendums.
No fixed addressEnrolment for persons with no fixed address or permanent residence.
Overseas notification formVoters travelling overseas indefinitely that wish to be removed from the electoral roll, or those travelling temporarily that are unable to vote may fill in this form.
Enrolment for persons unable to signEnrolment for persons who are unable to sign their name due to physical incapacity.
PrisonerFor prisoners on remand and not yet sentenced to full-time imprisonment or in periodic detention.
Silent electorEnrol as a silent elector if you believe having your address listed publicly on the electoral roll could endanger your personal safety or the safety of your family.
Notification of deceased relativeIf your relative has passed away, complete this online form to remove their name from the electoral roll.
Objection claim that an elector should not be enrolledIf you believe someone is ineligible to vote (see 'objection reasons' on the form), you can request the person be removed from the electoral roll.